Providing an interpretation of the energies
of the planets as they affect us here on Earth   

What can astrology do for you?


An astrological birth chart is a snapshot of the celestial sky for the moment you were born and forms your own unique reference point. It marks your incarnation and the beginning of your life making it a powerful tool in navigating through your personal journey of life.

The relationship of the planets as they were at the moment you were born can show where your strengths and aptitudes life as well as any challenges or hurdles you may face.

Sometimes life can present us with major challenges or we may find ourselves at a crossroads and astrology can help you gain perspective and make decisions. An astrological consultation encourages direction and self-development while unlocking potential.

How does it work?


An astrological consultation gives you a better understanding of the complexities of your own personality as well as looking at the current, passing and future trends in your life.

I offer in-depth psychological readings to empower and enlighten. I like to get to the core to bring out and potentials and pitfalls and help you with your own strengths. While I can’t make a decision for your, I’ll equip you with the clarity needed to go out into the world with more confidence.

I’ll need your birth date, location and exact time (or as near to exact as possible) to prepare your natal chart. From there I can begin to prepare your astrological analysis.