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2012 - Spiritual Awakening in a Technological Revolution




By Juliette Genik


The year 2012 has been highly anticipated for a very long time. From what some regard as the foreboding ending of the Mayan calendar to science fiction movies and other various New Age phenomenon there is no denying that of all the “end of the world” prophecies, the Winter Solstice of this year has been the most prominent. But before pondering what the significance of the year 2012 will be, perhaps a review of events in the lead up to this year is in order.

Quite often we’ve heard of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and while no one can precisely pin point the exact date or define what will actually take place, the connotation is that of an unfolding of a Universal Law or utopian ideal for one and all. But before we can reach that point, several fundamental adjustments must be made.

Clash of the Titans – Pluto square Uranus  


Astrologers use the adage “as above, so below” and if the last couple of years have been anything to go by, we have witnessed tremendous change. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are slow moving and although they reach far into the depths of the solar system their influence can be felt over a long term period giving it a generational influence. When any of the outer planets make an ingress into a new sign it takes time to get used to the new energy it brings. However, the three collective planets have all moved into new signs within a relatively short space of each other, the effects of which have felt like a tectonic shift.

Pluto – transformation through reformation

Look back to 2008 when Pluto, planet of transformation moved from optimistic fire sign Sagittarius into solemn earth sign Capricorn. Pluto signifies rebirth through crisis, survival, regeneration and collective wealth and almost immediately after, the grim reality of the sub-prime mortgages and over lending of banks surfaced. The so-called credit crunch marked the beginning of the end of overspending, overexpansion and capitalist greed on a massive scale.

Overnight the stark truth was laid bare. Capricorn rules corporations, hierarchies and structures and since its ingress, we’ve witnessed long established institutions such as Lehman Brothers fall to their knees. Pluto in Capricorn also points to the structure of economics and there has been a slow but definite crisis in global economies.

It takes approximately 248 years for Pluto to go through each of the signs of the zodiac and throughout history, any time Pluto made its ingress into Capricorn has been a time of reformation and restructuring. Its last transit through Capricorn was from 1762 until 1778 marking the Industrial Revolution, American Revolution and beginning of the French Revolution. That period of history was marked by drastic but necessary measures in order for make way for collective evolution. With everything going on in the world at the present moment, are we on the cusp of something similar now?


Uranus – the great awakener

Uranus is no stranger to controversy – in fact, no one provokes it more and in May 2010, Uranus made its ingress into Aries. The first degree of Aries is a sensitive point in astrology and is quite powerful as it’s the first degree of the entire zodiac – almost like a cosmic reset button. Uranus rules scientific breakthroughs, innovation, and invention as well as sudden change, revolutions, schisms and since the Aries ingress we have seen protests, riots and dramatic revolts in fascist regimes but most notably caused by civil unrest.

Aries, like the Roman god of war can be aggressive, argumentative and quarrelsome, but there is fearlessness, pioneering spirit and sense of a fresh start. This fire sign needs stimulation and as Uranus likes engaging on a lateral level, the rapid speed at which technology is developing is mind boggling.

On an individual level, most people would be lost without their smart phones and other techie gadgets and the social interaction that goes along with it. Social networking has changed the face of business and on even larger scale innovation in sciences there have seen breakthroughs in defence technology, genetic modification and quantum physics machine the Hadron Collider to name a few.

In addition to political unrest and controversy surrounding the ingress into Aries, there have been many natural disasters. Uranus rules earthquakes and while shocking, it’s not surprising that some of the strongest in magnitude such as Tohoku, Japan and Christchurch, New Zealand came within astrological minutes of the Aries Point.


Squaring Off

Individually, Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn and Uranus’ move into Aries are two major shifts in energies for the collective to adapt to. However, these two outer planetary heavyweights are leading up to square each other from summer 2012 well into to spring 2015. Although squares tend to be challenging, a lot of good can come as a result of a tense aspect – but at the time it may feel like a major obstacle.

Delving into the mythology behind both Pluto and Uranus show that they were two of the big players in the pantheon of gods and when they square off it will literally feel like the Clash of the Titans. Uranus, primordial Father of the Sky who was both untouchable yet omnipresent was overthrown by his own son Saturn, who in turn fathered Pluto. Pluto was the ruler of the underworld, but besides his often shady reputation and hunger for power, was blessed with wealth - the precious minerals found under the earth.  


Looking at their domains, Uranus ruled the sky and Pluto ruled the underworld so when the two of them face each other in a tense aspect, it is literally a show down between the heavens and the earth. On the surface, collectively there is no denying that we face a global crisis but more importantly, this is a time of radical restructuring of our society. Uranus rules capitalism and Pluto rules wealth so it’s no wonder there is a distinct rise in political groups such as the Occupy Movement. We are on the wake of a massive revolution – but this one will be powered by the people for the people. With the divide between the rich and the poor growing rapidly, there is an urgency in the air and the masses are no longer willing to let the “powers who be” keep their agendas hidden; a very Plutonian principle.


Indeed, Pluto wants to keep things hidden while Uranus wants individual freedom so the tension between the two will undoubtedly produce interesting results. With the internet, we have instant access to a veritable goldmine of information and with social networking, protests and even riots have now gone viral and are organised via Facebook, Twitter or Blackberry Messenger.

Capricorn rules governments and structures and in Pluto, so potentially, any closely guarded secrets are likely to surface when challenged by unpredictable Uranus. So its no wonder that controversial news agency Wikileaks has achieved such notoriety for trying to expose large government cover-ups. The collapse of News of the World came as quite a surprise after their phone hacking scandal was exposed.

Pluto tends to bring about crisis and in earth sign Capricorn, the state of our non-renewable natural resources is getting precariously close to the edge. Uranus has now stepped in to give us a great wake up call, but as it’s in the pioneering sign of Aries, there is hope for us to make great strides in technology and science. Wind-turbines, bio-fuels, hybrid vehicles and other cutting edge advancements are rapidly developing as a result which will be a major saving grace in decades to come.   


Neptune in Pisces – a saving grace?

Behind all the noise and the clatter of the Pluto/Uranus square is another dimension altogether. Spiritual Neptune will have its homecoming when it returns to the sign it rules, Pisces on February 4th remaining for approximately fourteen years. Neptune rules oceans and seeks to dissolve boundaries, it is compassionate and charitable and asks us to surrender but above all it makes us long to merge. It will feel quite at home in its own sign as Pisces is empathetic, devoted and dreamy but this sensitive water sign can also be a martyr and prone to escapism.

So while Pluto and Uranus continue to raze the material world to disproportionate levels, Neptune slowly begins bringing about a new altruism. As we learn to make do with less, become more resourceful and put the emphasis on what we have (rather than what we don’t have), the consumerist drive for possessions as status will begin to dissipate.

In the years to come, philanthropic causes are likely to have more precedence as there will be more focus on supporting and aiding famine stricken areas of Africa as well as finding support for the vulnerable closer to home. And on an individual level, it’s likely that we will begin returning to community values and being more open to lending a hand to someone in need. Pisces champions the underdog and is willing to make sacrifices so its probable that people will be more charitable and do more volunteer work as cuts to budgets and lack of funding from the government will mean we ourselves will have to reach out more.

Neptune is linked with spirituality, religion and dreams of reaching a place of enlightenment. There is something otherworldly and dreamy about this energy but at the same time its motives are pure and simple – to end human suffering and find a collective divine. On a generational level, we will become more in sync with our intuition as we tune into a higher frequency. There’s no denying that we will have hard times ahead of us, so we’ll all need something to believe in. The collective conscious is already opening to different avenues of spiritualism from conventional religion to new age and a resurgence of interest in arcane subjects. Additionally, with Chiron, the wounded healer travelling alongside Neptune, compassion will play a big part.

As the Pluto/Uranus square actively bulldozes the structures of society as we’ve known it, on a material level Neptune in Pisces won’t be in a rush to replace it. Thankfully, Neptune in Pisces will soften the edges and bring a glimmer of hope to an ever changing world.


The Mayan Calendar and the Winter Solstice

This Winter Solstice marks the end of the current 5,125 year Mayan calendar. There are many interpretations of the significance of this event ranging from a period of enlightenment to apocalypse but whatever the case, it is meant to be the marker of a new era. The Mayans, along with other Mesoamerican civilizations were very superstitious and the cosmos and their folklore played a big part of their lives.

Based on their astronomical observations, they created intricate systems of telling time which was reflected in their calendars. Their astronomer-priests observed the celestial sky, in particular the Earth’s relationship to the Sun and Moon, eclipses, Venus and constellation The Pleiades.

Throughout their cosmology there is evidence that they believed in reoccurring cycles of creation and destruction and the current cycle was believed to have started sometime around 3113BC. The calendar is said to end with the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn on 2012 which takes place on December 21st at 11.11 UT.

But before you start digging yourself an earthquake proof, alien repellent bunker 300 metres underground, the good news is that there are no particularly catastrophic astrological indicators.

Neptune and Chiron conjunct Pisces Ascendant – A Whole New World



If this is the beginning of a new era, overall there are many spiritual undertones about this chart but there is also a sense of compassion and sacrifice.

The Ascendant for the time of the ingress is in empathetic Pisces giving the collective outlook a sense of unity, togetherness and longing to merge with something greater than ourselves – a higher ideal. Barriers will be dissolved as Neptune, the chart ruler is conjunct the Ascendant along with shamanic Chiron giving a sense of hope. Humanity may have endured some difficulty in the lead up to this point, but the healing process will come through experience and wisdom.

Something else that bodes well is Neptune, as the chart ruler sextiles the Sun (which is after all, the marking point of this event chart). In mundane astrology the Sun represents leaders and as this chart is universal, it can be interpreted that world leaders will come together in a unified spirit.

Yod – The Finger of Fate


This chart features a Yod, a rather uncommon yet fated aspect pattern which consolidates two energies which are at odds with each other. Potent Pluto is in a sextile to Saturn, planet of structure making Jupiter the apex planet by quincunx. There is a feeling that something needs to be rebuilt, but that it will have to be done in small segments rather than optimistically taking on too much too soon.

So, will it be the end of the world? Personally, I don’t think so. Just the end of one chapter in history and at the beginning of the next. Whatever the case, historians will look back on this era as a period of pivotal change. December 21st 2012 may not be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius but the door leading to that gateway may have just open!



©Juliette Genik