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of the planets as they affect us here on Earth   


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Christmas Wishlist

When the Beatles wrote “Revolution” they probably had these people in mind. Always one to have a worthy cause, buy the Water Bearer something eco-friendly or even better a sign them up for Green Peace’s Rainbow Warrior newsletter! Be sure to get them something trendy or better yet, a gift as unique as they are such as a bold print by an artist like Andy Warhol or a bottle of hemp vodka. Try alternative therapies like an acupuncture session or yoga lessons. This sign is ruled by Uranus, a quirky yet intellectual planet, so try to keep their minds stimulated with a magazine subscription, sci-fi books or any electrical gadget. The part of the body ruled by Aquarius is the ankles so why not a pair of ankle boots or that old Christmas standby a pair of socks.

New Years Resolutions

While other people may be dreaming of a white Christmas, this sign is dreaming of how to make the world a better place. Whatever the New Year’s resolution The Water Bearer has in mind, you had better believe it will be way ahead of the times! As Aquarians can be the activists of the zodiac, a good resolution would be to do something for the environment or mankind. Whether it’s simply recycling everything you consume to helping survivors of natural disasters, you would get a lot out of something that makes a difference to society. This air sign is renowned for rationalizing things, sometimes this can include relationships, making them seem distant or detached. In the New Year, why not try embracing people as individuals and stop analysing your feelings. Ruled by electric Uranus, keep your sound waves up to date by investing in the latest iPod.


Please note: regular horoscopes have been temporarily suspended