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Christmas Wishlist

Those feisty Rams tend to be trendsetters, as they must be the first one on the scene. A good gift idea for them this Christmas would be something that shows off their speedy temperament and what better than a ticket to a racecourse where the Aries is in the driver’s seat in the fast lane! Of course, if you can’t have that, you can always get them a ticket to the nearest bumper car track. Red is the traditional colour that rules this sign. As well, the part of the body ruled by Aries is the head, so some swanky headgear will be in order. And if that doesn’t please Aries (and they’ll probably let you know) get them an instant camera instead. They don’t have time to wait for the photos and they’ll love the time saved!


New Year Resolutions 2013

The swift Ram, not always know for their follow through is more likely to break their resolution before the countdown has even begun! This year, it’s not so much what the resolution will be, but the challenge of making it last past January 2nd. One definite resolution to ponder is making a habit of looking before you leap. That means thoroughly thinking something through before going ahead with it. With Mars as your ruler you feel most alive when you are competing so why not try entering a contest or even a reality TV show audition to really show ‘em what you’ve got! Renowned for being the sign of the self, this year why not pledge some of your extra time to someone else in need. With all that pent up energy, if Aries lent a helping hand, it would make a huge difference to a charitable cause.


PLEASE NOTE: regular horoscopes have been temporarily suspended