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Christmas Wishlist


Home is where the heart is and no one knows this better than the Crab. Feeling comfortable at home is paramount for these people so ditch those pipe and slippers in favour for some new accents for the house or kitchen. Try a cookbook, food hamper or even a new popcorn maker; perfect for snuggling up on the sofa and watching movies at home. Being family orientated and deeply nostalgic, try a photo album or trace the family tree with a genealogy report. Even a catch from the antiques market would please them especially if the antique has a story behind it. Their colours are smoky grey as well as anything shimmery like pearl. The part of the body ruling Cancer is the breasts so a trip to the lingerie shop is in order for that special lady.

New Years Resolution

This cautious water sign tends to stay within their comfort zone, so a New Year’s resolution for The Crab is to do something spontaneous for once! Instead of the usual day-to-day grind, try doing something out of the ordinary to dust those cobwebs off your usual routine. Although known for their loyalty, Cancerians can be equally known for being clingy. This year, a good resolution would be to take a solid stance and break out of your crab-like shell of protection. This means all you homebodies who would rather stay home to watch a movie than catch the big screen version! Being the Moonchild of the zodiac, your moods tend to ebb and flow like the tides, so when things build up, promise yourself a solo journey. Especially to a lake, or even better, to the sea where you will be soothed and can recharge your batteries.


Please note: regular horoscopes have been temporarily suspended