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Christmas Wishlist

Priding themselves on being practical as well as functional, any gift for the Goats should reflect these same qualities. Being as ambitious as they are you should give them something that will reflect their hard work. They dress for success so why not accessorize their usual wardrobe of business suits with a sleek silver business card holder or leather briefcase. Much like the durable mountain climber getting closer and closer to the summit, Capricorns only get better with age. Why not surprise them with a gift that says status like a fine vintage wine or even aged scotch malt complete with crystal rocks glasses. The colours that rule this sign are dark brown or black to represent the winter Earth sign so clothing in this colour will puts them in their element. 

New Years Resolutions

This ambitious and driven earth sign doesn’t wait around until the New Year to make resolutions. You Caps are busy making plans and setting goals for yourself all year long! This sign is ruled by Saturn, planet of authority, which can sometimes make you come across as cool and disciplined. This year, make it your resolution to allow more room for emotion and focus less on achievement. While it can sometimes be easy to get wrapped up with your future plans, you should try to live more in the now, lose yourself in the moment. As you Capricorns are known for your strategic planning, along with your smooth business sense, make  the year you look at going it on your own. Becoming your own boss or launching your dream venture would bring out all of your natural talents. Something even you could be proud of.


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