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Christmas Wishlist

Appeal to the curious nature of the Twins this holiday season by getting them a gift that will keep them entertained. For a sign that is likely to get bored quite easily an electronic gadget is sure to keep their attention for at least a few minutes. Also renowned for being quite chatty, why not a mobile phone with all the latest bells and whistles. Gemini is an air sign and since they like talking so much, why not a trip on a hot air balloon! The part of the body ruled by Gemini is the hands so why not keep those digits warm this Christmas with a pair of gloves or mittens As well, the colour that rules this sign is yellow. Perhaps some yellow stationery will keep them writing and expressing themselves.


New Years Resolutions

For the sign that changes their minds more often than the wind changes direction, a good start to the New Year for the Twins would be making a resolution to stick to their resolutions! Being an air sign, they tend to be rather flighty and can even be scattered at times. So a good resolution would be to try meditation to calm that racing mind; it will bring you a soothing, grounded effect. The part of the body ruled by Gemini is the hands so it’s no wonder they’re known as the nail biters of the zodiac. If you’re one of the many, invest in a bottle of bitter tasting nail varnish before you chew your fingers half off! Sometimes, Gemini tends to take on more than they can handle, so this year limit yourself to three projects at a time. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the feeling completion will bring.


Please note: regular horoscopes have been temporarily suspended