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Christmas Wishlist

With their sunny disposition and optimistic charm, present the sign of the Scales with a pair of rose-coloured Channel sunglasses this Christmas so they will always have a positive out-look on things. Being hopelessly romantic and ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, these people like to be wined and dined in the lap of luxury. A trip to Harrods’s is due to look for the world’s finest chocolates, champagnes and velvety red roses. As these people like to pay attention to their appearance, a set of cosmetics or cuff links will be graciously accepted. As well as being social, Librans tend to be interested in other people lives so why not get them an autobiography about their favourite star or a romance novel to keep them in that amorous mood.

New Years Resolutions

This year, indecisive Librans should make a lasting resolution to make up their minds for once. Although you always see both sides of the story, learn to make a fixed decision, so you can take charge of your life in the New Year. Being ruled by Venus, the graceful planet of diplomacy you dislike confrontation at all costs. However, you tend to run away from sticky situations without ever settling things. This year, make a vow to take a stand and face the music. As the most sociable sign of the zodiac who loves the company of others Librans will bend over backwards for anyone. But instead of always fixing other people’s problems, try taking a deep look into your own life and see which areas need work. The Scales always want to please and sometimes agree for the sake of agreeing. Take a firm stance and yes only when you mean it.