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of the planets as they affect us here on Earth   


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Christmas Wishlist

The gentle Fish are the big softies of the zodiac and have souls as deep as any ocean. Get them two goldfish in a round bubble bowl to keep them bemused for hours as they stare into the watery dimensions. Even a trip to the aquarium would be quite enchanting for them. Also being the sign that rules photography, get them a quality camera for capturing a moment in time, or even treat them to a night out watching classic cinema. Get the reflective Pisces a dream diary, floating candles, mood ring or even a psychic reading to keep them in their dreamy state. The part of the body ruled by the Fish is the feet, so a pair of shoes are definitely in order. But if you don’t know their size, they will gladly opt for a pedicure treatment.

New Years Resolutions

Generally not the most organized, the list of New Year’s resolutions for The Fish could be almost endless! While this scattered but soulful sign mean well, sometimes they can bring chaos into any situation. Ruled by Neptune, planet of no boundaries, the true you can be hard to pin down. Start  by using your versatility to stabilize your life. Being prone to escapism, this impressionable water sign yearns to be where the grass is always greener. So, learn that a drink or two is exactly that and bring on the New Year by making it past the countdown for once! Pisceans, the psychic sponge of the zodiac, often sense the vibes of everyone around them. All this intuitive action can leave you feeling drained, so resolve to pick up your spirits in the New Year. Create a calming space for yourself with candles and soothing music when the going gets tough.


Please note: regular horoscopes have been temporarily suspended