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Christmas Wishlist

These fast-paced swift movers might not even have the time to unwrap any presents this Christmas. But once coaxed into sitting in one place for more than a minute you may be able to persuade to stay by offering them something exciting like exercise gear or even a gym membership. They like to be accurate, so maybe even offer them a lesson in archery. Being ruled by the Jupiter, planet of fortune and expansion, get them a lotto ticket or take them to a sporting event such as horseracing where gambling is a part of the fun. Also being the philosophers of the zodiac, getting them a book on theology or even book them on a course or evening class of their choice. If none of that works, give them a travel voucher and send them on their way.


New Years Resolutions

This frank fire sign will not only tell you their resolutions but tell you a few that you could do with yourself! Although The Archer seeks the truth at all costs, sometimes they forget to use any form of tact. Try using a more gentle approach when breaking unpleasant news. This daredevil sign has heaps of expendable energy so take up extreme sports such as skydiving or bungee jumping to get your adrenaline fix in . Sagittarius doesn’t like to be pinned down by something mundane or routine and as a result there isn’t much method to your madness. But by organizing your life more thoroughly, you’ll have more time to roam the earth. Being ruled by lucky Jupiter, you’re more than likely the type of person who likes to take a gamble. So why not try your hand at the Black Jack table and come up all Aces!


Please note: regular horoscopes have been temporarily suspended