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Christmas Wishlist

Let’s not waste any time by saying that the sizzling Scorpion is well known for their sexy yet mysterious character. A few risqué toys for the bedroom are definitely in order especially seductive masks or revealing lingerie. For the more daring, there’s always flavoured massage oils or even a PVC out-fit!! These people are intensely emotional as well as being mysterious so give them a diary with a sturdy lock on it so they can bear their souls in private. These people like to get to the bottom of things, so impress them with a book on forensic science or even a ticket to an interactive murder mystery dinner theatre to keep the super-sleuth inspired. Being a water sign, these people can be quite intuitive so why not get them an Ouija board or set of tarot cards.

New Years Resolutions

Why should this secretive sign tell you their resolutions at all? Mysterious Scorpio likes to keep everything locked in the vault, so in the New Year you should promise to be more open and a little less guarded. People may find you more trustworthy. Being ruled by Pluto planet of the underworld, sometimes The Scorpion can have vindictive intentions, especially if they feel slighted. In the New Year, put the stinger away and let bygones be bygones. With an all or nothing approach to life, you Scorpions have been known to be extreme in your behaviour. In the New Year, try being a bit more flexible and you can then find a happy medium. Although this intense water sign is deeply emotional if they get a bit too loved up they can become possessive and overbearing. Try giving your partner some space to breathe and watch your relationship strengthen.


Please note: regular horoscopes have been temporarily suspended