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Christmas Wishlist

When it comes to appetite, those raging Bulls have got the art of self-indulgence down to an art form. Keeping that in mind, when shopping for a Taurus this winter season perhaps a gym membership would be advisable to keep the pounds off after the holiday season. On the other hand be sure to appeal to their sensual side and buy them a potent perfume or present them with satin sheets. A money clip is also ideal for the sign that saves for a rainy day. Their colours are baby pinks and blues and the part of the body ruled by Taurus is the neck so a nice scarf to keep the winter chill out would be perfect. They also love to sing so a trip to the karaoke bar will get them croonin’ with the oldies.

New Year Resolutions 2013

As the sign who stops to smell the roses, you Taureans may take your sweet time deciding what your resolutions will actually be! Procrastination can be one of your faults, so resolving to get on with things in a timelier manner is a good start for the New Year. The Bull, ruled by indulgent Venus, sometimes make a habit of overdoing things. Plan on quitting or cutting down on life’s vices such as drinking, smoking or rich, creamy foods. Steer clear of the all-you-can-eat buffets. If you are one of the many Taureans glued to the sofa, get a personal trainer who will whip you into shape and keep you motivated for long-term fitness. Known for being stubborn, make the year you learn to give in a little, try compromising. With your renowned reserve of willpower, you can make any resolution stick by setting your mind to it!


PLEASE NOTE: regular horoscopes have been temporarily suspended