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Christmas Wishlist

Cool, calm and collect is the best way to describe the Virgin. Pure of thought and pure of heart, Virgoans also have a reputation for being clean and orderly. What better than a trip to the health spa for treatments or a nice bath set complete with body scrubs and lotions to keep them squeaky clean. You could also opt for books on topics such as health and well being as this sign tends to look after themselves. A classic leather bound diary, or office organizer will have their lives running smooth with everything and everyday accounted for. The colours of Virgo are navy blue and dark grey, so anything in these neutral tones would be fitting. Mercury, the planet of communications rules this sign, so keep them up to date with a state of the art computer or software.

New Year Resolutions

With all their I’s dotted and their T’s neatly crossed, why would Virgo need to make any New Year resolutions at all? Perhaps by letting your hair down and cutting loose for once this systematic earth sign can lean to let go of perfection. Being ruled by Mercury, planet of mental agility, the wheels are always turning. Instead of over analysing every last detail a good resolution is trying to see the bigger picture. Sometimes prone to over-working those, dedicated Virgoans should remember to treat themselves when the burden gets to much to bear. Try a relaxing therapy such as a day at the spa or for the cutting edge in holistic treatments try a floatation tank to hover in complete silence. Being so dependable, you tend to go over and above the call of duty. The world will still go on if you learn to say no once in a while!


Please note: regular horoscopes have been temporarily suspended