Providing an interpretation of the energies
of the planets as they affect us here on Earth   


The House of Personality


The first house, also known as the ascendant, is the focal point of the chart; it is symbolic of the moment life began for each of us as individuals. This house indicates a person’s reference point towards life and shows how they present themselves to the outside world and react to external surroundings. An individual’s self-esteem, self-development, ego and even physical appearance can be indicated by this house placement. There is a distinct impression of beginnings or initiations as this house defines how a person views themselves and how they are viewed by the world.

The sign on the cusp of the first house is also known as the ascendant or rising and shows the façade a person wears when they walk into a room or meet someone for the first time. The first house is also associated with early environment, individuality and personality make-up.