Providing an interpretation of the energies
of the planets as they affect us here on Earth   


The House of Home and Family


The fourth house indicates an individual’s approach to their home environment and family dynamic. It shows a person’s outlook toward the family they were born into, and is where traditional values are inherited. A person’s identity is shaped from their early family background through racial, ethnic and religious influences stemming from this house. The relationship a person had with the parental figures in their youth and what they will be like as parents themselves will be indicated. The Immum Coeli (IC) is typically found in this house and forms part of the MC/IC axis, which shows personal direction in life based on parental background.

The sign on the fourth house cusp shows childhood patterns, the type of home they came from, and the home they live in as adults. The fourth house is linked with domestic matters, land or property and emotional security.