Providing an interpretation of the energies
of the planets as they affect us here on Earth   


The House of Unconsciousness


The twelfth and last house has a distinctive “behind the scenes” feel to it, highlighting the subconscious or that which is unseen. This house indicates how a person is vulnerable or oblivious to their surroundings; where they subconsciously are unaware of the reality of a situation. The twelfth house has an ethereal or veiled feel and highlights escapism or where a person withdraws from the world. It is the house of self-undoing and can show tendencies of self-destructive behaviour, including turning to mind altering substances or spiritual martyrdom. The twelfth house can indicate what a person longs for but is just out of reach.

The sign on the cusp can show where a person is selfless, sympathetic and what they will sacrifice in their lives for others. The twelfth house is linked to intuition, unconscious motivation, secret enemies and psychic tendencies.
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