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Below are some links to websites that we thought you would like and find useful:


Stargazers Astrology recommends these astrologers :

Patrick Arundell - Popular UK Media Astrologer

John Hayes - Esteemed English traditional astrologer located in Tokyo, Japan.

Daily Chinese Astrology - Daily Chinese horoscopes from Ting-Foon Chik.


Stargazers Astrology affiliates :

Astrology Enterprises - Suppliers of horoscope and psychic digital services, worldwide.

Psychic Events - Readings with expert Psychics, Clairvoyants, Mediums, Palmists, Tarot Card Readers in and around the London area.

Holistic world - A one stop shop for all your holistic needs.

Deansway Design - The brilliant creators of this site and all of my graphix.

Prediction Magazine - The UK's best mind body spirit magazine. Since 1936.

Astrological Lodge of London - Astrology in all its branches. Since 1915.

Astrology directories and resources

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Horoscopes 4u - The number one astrology directory on the web.

Horoscope Junkie - They love astrology as much as we do.

Horoscope Stop - Your one stop shop for astrology info.