Providing an interpretation of the energies
of the planets as they affect us here on Earth   


Neptune is the planet of illusion and represents principles of chaos, escapism and distortion. As Neptune is vague and changeable things are not always as they appear. Even the exact discovery of Neptune in 1846 is still disputed to this day! The placement of Neptune in a person’s chart will indicate where they want to let go and where they express sympathy and use perception. It will also indicate a person’s spiritual path and can also highlight creativity. Neptune influences escapism in any form, such as mind-altering substances, meditation or even spiritual martyrdom. Daydreaming, enchantment, romance and glamour are all ruled by Neptune as they are outside of the earthly realm. Aptly named after the god of the sea the energy of this planet is limitless as it knows no boundaries or structures. Intuitive water sign Pisces is ruled by Neptune and symbolised by two fish swimming in different directions in search of the Holy Grail.