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Once in a Blue Moon - August 2012 feature

By Radko Vacek

Happy "Blue Moon" August! We get two full moons in one month, on the first and the last days of the month! The second of the two is called the "blue" one. The last "blue moon" was on December 31, 2009. In my experience, blue moons have been associated with times of fairly happy endings and beginnings.


















I have decided to put into a nutshell three of the most fascinating astrological facts about this month. I just gave you one of them, so here are two more.



















Mars and Saturn will be close to each other and visible after sunset over the western horizon. Traditionally, these two have been considered not very lucky, but do not let that idea spoil your viewing! Regardless of how badly a day has gone, how stormy the sailing has been, after sunset when the clouds have cleared, I have a feeling of starry sanctity bestowed on the past day, on seeing the vision of the stars and the visible planets. Awesome! This is the feeling that started the fascination with astrology since the beginning of history. The tension between supposedly lucky Venus and Jupiter and supposedly unlucky Mars and Saturn makes creative living possible. How boring life would get without that! This month, focus on living creatively. Most anyone can live creatively in some way, if only one so chooses.



















Before going on to the third fascinating fact, why not relate this to the "blue moon"? I mentioned that I have found these moons to be times of fairly happy endings and beginnings. We can think of whatever endings we experience this month as reflecting Mars and Saturn in the western night sky. There would not be room for new and exciting things in our lives without the old things making way. Let us see Mars and Saturn as images of beautiful means to make way for the creative process in our lives.



















This naturally leads in to my third fascinating fact: the sun continues to be in Leo for most of the month, through 22 August. It entered Leo around 22 July. How well this fits with the other two fascinating facts! Leo is the sign of creative power. We can expect the sun to put power behind the theme of creative living. I am feeling the power already, as I write in anticipation of the month! My creative writing has been rising to my all time high. I do have Leo as my Ascendant, the sign that was rising at my place and time of birth. The Ascendant is one of the factors you need to consider the most in your horoscope. Often, it tells you more about a person than the sun sign. If I have any claim to fame, it is my creative writing, poetry and articles, which is quite like Leo. Leos love to be at the center of attention, and are generous with their time and money. I see my ascending Leo again, because my commitment to causes moves me to sign petitions and donate, as much as my limited funds allow! I do make myself the center of attention - typical Leo! - because I forward petitions to a circle of likeminded people.



















My sun sign is Scorpio. Leo and Scorpio often do not make good romantic partners, but do tend to make fine traveling partners. Bingo! What a fit! I am not enamoured with my Scorpio self, but we surely have traveled together! So far, life has been some wild trip! So, my second tip to you is: be sure to ponder how your Ascendant sign and sun sign interact. How fascinatingly revealing this could be in your quest to know yourself!

That is it this time, in a nutshell! August is the start of the harvest in many parts of the world. Besides this nutshell, start enjoying all the nuts, and the rest of the harvest. May it be sweet and abundant, with much happiness - and creativity!