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The Saturn Storm: an Astrological Detective Story

By Radko Vacek

I found a surprise birthday gift on the Worldwide Web! Posted on 18/11 at was the bulletin: Saturn is in turmoil! This news is to me a valuable gift: a great inspiration for an astrological detective story!

The article informs us that the storm first appeared to astronomers as a small spot. By the end of January, it had encircled the planet; now it is raging over a big part of its northern hemisphere. According to NASA, it sets a record in size and duration. One of the most essential ideas of mystical philosophy is, as above so below, that is, the events in this microcosm on Earth are reflections of the events in that macrocosm of the heavens. In astrological terms more relevant to the current, worldwide, socioeconomic crisis, as on Saturn, so on Earth. This is among the best support ever for the sixth sense impression of astrologers, that indeed striking synchronicity exists between cosmic and terrestrial events! Is it just by chance that both Saturn and Earth simultaneously are in turmoil? The odds are very much against chance!

Supposing that you do accept my idea that there is a link between the stormy times there and here, you have every right to ask, but so what? You're right! It is senseless to suggest a connection, unless there is a lesson in it for you to learn. Whatever may be the content of that lesson is the mystery of the Stormy Libra Saturn. I am Detective Radko at your service! From here on, I give your case my undivided attention!

What else is so special about Saturn nowadays? Of course, Saturn never can help but be special as the only ringed planet, but recently it has been even more so by being right in the heart of Libra. That is the sign of Saturn's exaltation. This means that Saturn is in the environment where its essential nature is generated. As a planet in the sign of its exaltation, Saturn is in the position of its greatest power for intensity of energy. To understand how this relates to the current earthly crisis depends on, first, understanding the sign Libra, second, understanding Saturn, and, third, understanding how Libra amplifies the energy of Saturn. 

The first thing to learn about the sign Libra is that it belongs to the Triplicity of the element Air. In ancient, religious traditions, Air is set to correspond to the east, to where the full moon and the sun rise, and therefore Air is associated with the beginnings, not only of night and of day, but also of life. Right after a baby is born, what is the first message the child hopefully sends to us? Crying, meaning, "I'm breathing! All right so far!" To inhale Air or not to inhale Air, that is the question of the most principle importance after birth, and that's why Air, the element of Libra, represents the beginning. 

This is the first clue for cracking the case of the Stormy Libra Saturn, code SLS! Saturn is, metaphorically speaking, reflecting back to us the stormy images of socioeconomic unrest on Earth. More importantly, Saturn, by being in the Air sign of its exaltation, is screaming to us: "Backtrack to the beginning! Then pick the other, right path of the two diverent paths at the fork!" But what was that fork all about, that is, what was the big choice confronting us?

Here's clue two for cracking code SLS: Saturn has qualities of the element Earth; that is, Saturn reflects matters dealing with the densest level of manifestation. Putting it in terms of that common, but excellent metaphor, we Earthlings are between a rock and a hard place, and Saturn, metaphorically, is that perfect mirror now, reflecting our stormy predicament back to us. How do we best choose between a rock and a hard spot? 

Should we pick the rock, in hopes that it is a soft rock? Does that make sense? No!  Yes, it has become the "in thing" to talk about relativity, but speaking of "soft rocks" is not smart, not even relatively speaking! Sure, some rocks are harder than others, but never have I met one truly soft. Being in between means we are in a real mess! 

Here's clue three for cracking code SLS: the placement of Saturn in Libra has been close to the very heart of this sign from the time the storm was first detected in December right into October, all those months when the storm was spreading like cancer to where it is today. That is, it was transiting the second of the three, ten degree decans dividing the sign, from 10 to 20 degrees Libra. The energy of this decan of Libra shares qualities with that of the next Air sign, Aquarius. That New Age sign is ruled by Uranus; that is, Uranus expresses its nature well there, as one of the three, remotest planets bridging the gap between the physical and the spiritual levels of reality. So that's the lifeline we need to grab! If we stay in the material plane, then here we are hopelessly trapped. We must strain ourselves to reach for the spiritual heights! But all this is getting so nebulous! How on earth as we ever going to figure this out?

It's really not that hard to figure out, not as hard as a rock, nor even as a hard spot! You guessed it! Here's a fourth clue! I bet you never thought of Earth as a ball actually surrounded by four concentric circles, but you can and I will, to crack code SLS at last! It's more insightful to think of these as rings, yes, as in the rings of Saturn! Of course the Saturnian rings are ones in space, whereas the Earthly rings are in time, but as an analogy it is very useful. The first circle closest to Earth represents the shortest, monthly cycle of the phases of the moon. As we move out to the wider circles, the durations of their cycles increases in correspondence with the widths. The second circle represents the annual cycle of the sun through the zodiac. The third circle represents the twelve year cycle of the animals of the Chinese zodiac. The fourth circle represents the roughly 22,000 year cycle of the Ages of the Zodiac. So, let us do as we must, transcending our crisis by reaching for those heights of the outer rings, learning from the wisdom they proffer. I have already mentioned the coming Age of Aquarius, but what about this third circle, that of the Chinese zodiac? 

The original legend of how the twelve years got to be named in their present order is the final clue in solving the mystery of the Stormy Libra Saturn, that is, the content of the lesson for you behind the connection between stormy times on Earth and on Saturn. The legend goes as follows.

In the beginning, Cat and Rat were friends. One day, the Emperor decided to make a contest between the animals. It consisted of a race between them, to cross the river faster than the rest. The coming twelve years were to be named after the twelve fastest of the animals. The first year was to be named after the animal crossing first, the second year after the one crossing second, and so on, ending with the twelfth year named after the twelfth animal. Cat and Rat were slow at swimming, but fast at thinking. They hitched a ride on the back of Ox, that was of the Water Buffalo variety, at home with swimming. Along the way, however, the prestige of having the first year named after him got to Rat, as his noble commitment to being friends with Cat got dumped overboard. Rat yelled, "Look! A fish!" As Cat looked down, Rat pushed him overboard! Rat did cross the first from among all the animals. He got to take pride in the prestige of having the first year in the twelve-year cycle named after him. But he had played a give-and-take game with very high stakes. For the sake of taking that pride, Rat gave up an amazing friendship. 

It is senseless to suggest a connection, unless there is a lesson in it for you to learn. There is quite some lesson for you, and everyone else on Earth, to learn from the solution to the mystery of the Stormy Libra Saturn, which is as follows.

In what way exactly did Rat give up an amazing friendship? He gave up the equality of mutual cooperation in exchange for the equality of opportunity to compete for taking pride in prestige, followed by power and possessions. The theme of trading mutual cooperation for cut-throat competition has been ongoing ever since.The value of mutual cooperation is at the heart of Libra, where so much of the action up there is now. Over the millennia, this competitive ethic, stretched over the millennia, is culminating in our current crisis going on all over, epitomized by the "Occupy Wall Street" Movement. It strikes us in the eyes with first link news on the WWW, such as the following on 21/11, regarding the super failure of U.S. Congress:

It's all over. The "supercommittee" - the bipartisan group of lawmakers charged with making a plan to reduce the federal deficit - has admitted defeat. Democrats and Republicans said they were too far apart on what mix of tax hikes and spending cuts would have been best.

Yes indeed, how sad it is: the established political parties are so essentially designed to compete against each other for power that they are unable find the common grounds to work together in mutual cooperation, now that they are challenged to face a crisis in which such mutual cooperation is essential in order to reach resolution! This incompetence of the established parties encourages anti-establishment parties to rise again. How interesting it is! We pride ourselves on being such an intelligent species, yet we keep making the same mistakes! Some of us are marching for Marxist solutions, in spite of all the evidence that communism and orthodox socialism do not work. Others of us are marching for Fascist solutions, even voicing antiSemitic slogans again. Where is the Third Reich? It was supposed to last at least a thousand years! History emphatically teaches us that "solutions" rooted in national pride and ethnocultural hatred do not work! Just as plainly, history teaches us that man always has been a religious animal. We can be sure that any party - no matter how good their propaganda may seem - that proffers purely materialistic solutions is not a viable option. Every viable solution must be in accord with our essentially spiritual nature. 

Every one of the major religions, in its own way I think, emphasizes humility as a cardinal virtue, the roots nourishing a good and a happy life. In the Bible (Proverbs 16: 18-19, NIV), the religious text most familiar to most of us, we find the wisdom: "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Better to be lowly in spirit and among the oppressed than to share plunder with the proud." That is the reason, simply and profoundly stated, why Fascist "solutions" do not work. Policies rooted in the pride of nationalism, that easily give rise to a fear of the powers of minorities, will continue to fail, just as the sages have predicted. Why? Because we all are in this together, all in the same boat, and the weight of responsibility must be shared equally, or else the boat may well sink! Scapegoating is not just futile, but dangerous for us all! Balance is, I love to say, the theme song of Libra, and Saturn is storming there to warn us: "Balance is what you Earthlings need! Take the responsibility of learning to use it wisely!"

True humility brings about a dynamic state of Libran balance. The modern world often rejects humility as just the other side of timidity. When we truly embrace humility, quite the contrary is true: with true humility, it is assertiveness which is the other side of the same coin! When we are truly humble, we do not seek to take pride in possessions. The less we have, the less we have to lose, so the less we need to fear. In this true humility, let us take courage, pushing back when we get pushed, in order to defend our stance of restoring a healing balance to the world.

This is, I do think, the message of the Higher Authority to us, communicated to us through the symbolism of Stormy Libran Saturn. Until next month, may we work for peace on Earth and good will towards men. I love to add, and good will towards all creatures!