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of the planets as they affect us here on Earth   

Venus in June: the Art of Living Well

by Radko Vacek


Among the most powerful, celestial events this June is the alignment of Earth, Venus, and the sun, all in a straight line! This is happening exactly at 1:00 am, GMT, on June 6, and will not reoccur until 2017. This year it happens right in the heart of Gemini, when the sun and Venus both are at 15 degrees, 45 minutes of that sign. This special event will have an effect on us throughout June. It puts Venus at centre stage, the planet related to social relationships and creativity.

Venus has been moving dusk by dusk away from being the evening star to where she will be hidden in the glare of setting sun. The hiding of her beauty from the eyes is perhaps a fair price for us to pay, in exchange for the experience of her full impact on our minds and hearts. Not only does Venus represent the universal, feminine aspect in nature, without which creation would be impossible, but also, more on the level which we experience personally from day to day, the capacity to live well, or creatively in a general sense of this term. It is in the latter, personal sense that we can attune to Venus this month! For most of us, this is especially true about our social lives and matters of the heart. If only we reach out enough to each other, socializing in June offers so many of us the benefits of friendship and romance. For quite a number of us, if we have been in intensive, romantic relationships, June of this year may be the month for weddings, every bit as much as the tradition goes.

This alignment of Venus with the sun and Earth is known astrologically as a sun-Venus conjunction. Traditionally this means that people who typically pursue recreational and social activities will find these especially rewarding. People with talents in the arts and expressing themselves are expected to stand out even more than usually. Stop sighing, saying you have no such creative talents. Most of us can seed a garden, right? This June is among the best times for creating one, of rainbow-colour flowers, and I bet your fingers can! So, plant food for thought, but why not for the table as well? Later in the season, use the harvest for some ingredients in your culinary adventures. Create a whole world of edible delights. I trust that you can, and why not? With Venus and the sun aligned, you likely will have a blast doing it!

People with erotic inclinations tend to get particularly ecstatic responses under this transit. Even if you are an old "fogy" (hey, I am too!), you likely will find your social world quite responsive. Shakespeare put it well: "All the world's a stage" and we all play parts, we project a persona, the image of how we want others to know us. Not only are Venus and the sun conjoined, but also that conjunction is in poetic, theatrical Gemini! So, I would bet a winning lotto ticket that June will be highly socially productive for you, if only you would smile and talk! Do not be shy in the spotlight of this summer's sun! You might want to talk and smile on the way to the theatre this June. Those who do happen to be professional actresses and actors likely will shine very, very brightly this summer!

As if all this were not exciting enough, the new moon and the Summer Solstice closely coincide this June! That makes what I call a double threshold, an especially enchanting time for fresh starts. These coming days of summer, every one of them, could well be that proverbial, "first day of the rest of your life"! Past efforts are likely to pay off in general, but especially on the romantic and matrimonial stage. With all this celestial magic happening, "happily ever after" outcomes have fine chances of commencing now, at least better than at most other times.

I used to think of astrology as having to be focused on you as an individual. I thought we could not do it without knowing your birthday, even getting so nosy as to ask you for the exact minute of birth! But that need not be so. In what House are Venus and the sun conjoined, you ask? Well yes, it could be in any House, depending on your exact time of birth. If you give me that exact time, I start by interpreting the conjunction as it relates to the House into which it falls in your horoscope, but ideally I would also share with you how the conjunction might relate to the other Houses in your chart.

This magical conjunction also can be said to be in every House, because we lead human lives, and every House relates to a specific part of the life we all experience each day. So, among the best gifts to all of us from the planets this June are the following twelve sets of questions. They all can guide us in leading the most fulfilling life possible, starting in this enchanting month of June!

Here they are, numbered by the Houses to which they relate. The first questions after each number have to do with points to ponder related to the sun in that particular House. After the word Venus, I refined how those points relate more closely to the sun and Venus conjunction.

1. Could the drive to dominate our personal worlds make us make foolish moves?
Venus - Could a concern with our appearance, and the appearance of others, cause us despair, in failing to pursue deeper values?

2. Is the sunshine of your life a jewel as well, to show off?
Venus - In pursuing all which much money can buy, are we not risking the "green pastures" of a sound mind, which belong to the charitable person?

3. Is it not better to know right form wrong, by patience and humility strengthened, than to be a know-it-all?
Venus - Is it not better to communicate harmoniously than to project conceit?

4. Could humility overcome frictions with parents and other members of the family, by discouraging the tendency to dominate which comes with moving upward?
Venus - Is not the harmony, which comes from serving your friends and beloved, more precious than domination, even if you think it is for their own good?

5. In sporting competition, are you going for victory at all costs, or the good sportsmanship of tempering victory with comradeship?
Venus - To compete or to teach, that is the question: whether to use your talents, likely in the arts and especially the performing arts, more competitively as a professional, or to teach that subject, using a fine understanding of children, which you may well have.

6. Pride or humility, that is the question: is it nobler to be proud of the work you do, or to persist doing the humblest tasks, along with hardly ever getting ill?
Venus - You may have the skills for the job, but is not a sound attitude the better part of readiness? Without an attitude positive toward work in general, how ready are you really for any job?

7. How are the values of our close partners best to be understood, in order that the partnership might move toward sound ends?
Venus - How do we best hold on to the magic, which ensures bonds of love?

8. Some matters pertain to earthly authorities, while others to the angels and the stars. Which pertain to the one and which to the other?
Venus - When does love become too much a matter of lust?

9. To guide youths toward extending their reach, to grasp goals otherwise likely denied -
Does this not make your higher education worthwhile, for their sake?
Venus - Do you really want to pursue the chances for social and romantic contacts through long journeys and intellectual excursions through the Ivory Towers of academia, when so much merriment often happens with family and friends in the humblest setting right at home?

10. Are you ready to supervise, or even manage? If you think, "yes", could this great rise end as a greater fall?
Venus - Are you sure that you want to climb that much to the top of society? Do you want to pay a toll of stepping on old friends who helped you?

11. Social activities appeal to most of us, but if we come in bad spirit, bad karma can haunt us. So, in what spirit do you come?
How awesome the world is, sometimes, with new horizons! Is this one of those times, a threshold to the rest of your life?
Venus - Now, friends may become lovers, and lovers become friends as well. Both as swell, so should you prefer one over the other?

12. Is it good now to retire from socialization, in order to use your mind to explore its own nature, the psyche?
Venus - Could you be your own worst enemy now, in causing yourself loneliness and romantic frustration?