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May of 2012: the Memorable Month

Radko Vacek

It is best to consult astrology just before any time of commencement, for the earlier we prepare for challenges, the better prepared we are likely to be. The time of the dark moon is the beginning of a monthly cycle, and therefore is one of those fine times to use astrology for planning the coming twenty-nine days. For the past few months, the dark moons have coincided closely with the passing of the sun into the next sign. The pending Summer Solstice, 20 June in the UK and the USA, may well be celebrated as a two-day celebration of commencement, because the dark moon falls on the eve of the day before. Both are considered threshold times in the mystical traditions. These are times when you stand in the portal between the old and familiar and the new and unknown perhaps to be discovered. The two astronomical events nearly coinciding make the time of the Solstice this year a threshold of double significance, so this May we have quite some occasion to look forward to! Besides the rites of preparation, however, the meaning of this festival has strong implications for the agenda of May.

If June is going to be, for many of us, like the commencement ceremony of a school, then we should think of May as a month focused on, we might say, "final exams", the climax of long efforts. This is true, regardless of your age, since your school may be named The School of Hard Knocks. As the name suggests, the "finals" this month may be hard. You probably will be challenged, not merely to remember facts encountered in the real world, but more so to offer your theories of why they occurred, and to formulate how you will use your experience. If you are a student, do not expect your finals to be any easier. The surest way to fail an exam is to underestimate its difficulty! Besides, students still must also live in the real world. You too must take the "tough test".

What is going to be on "the May finals" for me, on the subject of, The Astrology of Life? For sure, the most important question will concern the Moon, for most of May in Taurus, the sign of lunar exaltation. No matter in what sign, though, as "The Man-in-the-Moon", he always has been the father of astrology: understanding the Moon is essential in interpreting both the natal and the progressed horoscopes.

The moon may rule the sign Cancer, but is at home in Taurus. Why does it rule Cancer? Cancer is all about emotions, including love. People often put love on an ultimate pedestal, but human love often leaves much to be desired. Therefore, as a sign of the emotions, it needs the rule of the moon. My theory is that the Moon represents the willpower, which organizes and directs both the emotions and the building blocks of matter, to affect the making of reality. That is consistent with number nine standing for the moon. In Kabbalah, the Moon is associated with the ninth level of creation, the astral plane, from which "the blueprints" for this everyday plane directly descend. The Moon serves as the watchdog to keep the unruly tendencies of the emotional Cancer in line. No wonder that the canine species sometimes howl at the Full Moon! They sense in "Luna" a kindred spirit.

How can I put down the crowning glory of love, you protest? In referring to love, I have meant the distortions to which humanity subjects the divinity of true love. Does Love not get switched often with its dishonorable twin, Lust? Is Love not unruly, in keeping the company of Jealousy? Is Love not fickle, in turning into Indifference, even Hatred? Yes, we must admit. Love even sometimes serves as a cover for Cruelty! Many veterinarians love that fact! They make fortunes catering to the sentimentality of clients, who want to keep their pets alive past their natural lifespans, when the poor things need so much the divine love of euthanasia! Therefore, please note, our love does need to be kept in line by "Luna", doggedly devoted to Divinity.

But poor "Luna" too deserves a break, more than we! Let the Moon rest in glory for a spell, at home in Taurus. The character of Taurus has that very steadfast nature, quite like the steadfastness of the divine love which the Moon helps to protect. Do not let the phases of the Moon confuse you. The more the Moon changes, the more it stays the same. In fact, that is among the finest boons which it gives us.

Since prehistoric times the Moon has been, and continues to be, a symbol of the afterlife, the survival of those whom we love! It has been believed that the spirits of the dead ascend to the moon until it is full, and that the waning reflects either their return through reincarnation, or their final passage to the divine realm. Few of us realize that this idea continues to be incorporated into Christianity; Easter often is observed on the first Sunday after the Full Moon in Aries. So, what good news! That face in the Moon (do not miss it around 5 May!) may belong to anyone of the dearly departed, and why not a cat? Sure, even Morris, the American, finicky star of a long-running cat food commercial, of course!

My friends, honestly now, do you think that my grade on "the final", in The Astology of Life will be good news? In humble honesty, I really do need to get back to studying! For now, farewell! Best wishes for your May "finals". Remember, May A's bring June Holidays, so do prepare!