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of the planets as they affect us here on Earth   


Your Natal Horoscope: a Map to Treasures Hidden Within


Radko Vacek



I love to think of the natal horoscope as a map to treasures within you. What is at the centre of the circle of your horoscope at the time of your birth? Either you or Earth: both are possible answers.


I prefer to answer Earth. Are you aware that Einstein was the best friend astrology ever had in modern times, in making its foundations scientifically tenable? Some scientists have laughed at astrology because they considered it centuries outdated. Horoscopes apparently or actually show Earth at the centre with the sun and the planets revolving around her. This was the geocentric model commonly attributed to Ptolemy, who lived from about 90 to 168 CE and Copernicus challenged that with his heliocentric model in 1543, proposing that the sun was at the centre. That was called the Copernican Revolution, but it took the additional genius of Newton in 1687 to truly make the heliocentric model the best available in those times. But then came Einstein.


Published in 1905, his paper on Special Relativity generalized the relativity of motion proposed by Galileo to apply to all of the laws of physics. One implication, I think ignored by all of the critics of astrology, is that both the models of Ptolemy and Copernicus may be right, if used in their right contexts. The heliocentric model is right in the contexts of astronomy, and the geocentric model is right in the contexts of astrology.


Considering that you the observer are standing on Earth, you might wonder, why not see yourself at the centre of the circle of your horoscope? After all, don't you have the right to claim centre-stage in your own horoscope?


Actually no, according to the most widely accepted religions. Giving yourself centre-stage implies egocentricity, derived from the Latin meaning "I at the centre", and the vain pride going with that attitude. The Bible condemns pride as coming before the fall, and the Buddha claimed it as an essential fact that "I", the self as commonly used in our society, is a fiction which is the main obstacle in the path to awakening from the nightmare of life as people usually live. So, for moral and religious reasons, it is better to minimize the idea of the ego altogether, and certainly not to put it at the centre of the world of your experience.


Therefore, I keep astrology geocentric. Actually, my model of the horoscope goes one step beyond that, in being God-centred, you can say, as the maxim of many New Age oriented churches goes, with God at the centre, all good things are made possible. I go a step further, in thinking of Earth at the centre of my horoscope as God, or I rather say the Goddess Mother Earth, known by the Greeks as Demeter, Ge, or Gaia. God may be dead, as Nietsche put it, but my Goddess Gaia is very much alive, her heart beating right at the heart of my horoscope!


As far as the living Goddess Mother Earth is concerned, I recommend the recent books by the award-winning scientist James Lovelock. Yes! I say yes Earth our Mother by honouring her on a pedestal at the centre of everything, as represented by my horoscope. As stated in the Bible, when we honour our parents, then blessings are given to us. Blessings are given to us when we honour our Mother Earth as well, when we put her on the pedestal at the centre of our world. The geocentric horoscope is one, quite helpful way of doing that. As a reward, that horoscope becomes a map to guide us to gifts buried within us.

You might wonder why we need a map. Do we not naturally do that for which we have talent? It is surprising how often we ignore our talents. We believe the discouraging responses of parents or teachers, saying we are wasting time trying to achieve excellence, or we take our own bad self-evaluations seriously. We end up quitting our pursuit, failing for lack of tenacity. If only we had persevered by trying another way, we might well have succeeded. This is one of the best insights into your nature, which your horoscope offers you: that, believe it or not, you have been given a gift for doing some activity, if only you put in all the effort it takes to claim that potential treasure.


To illustrate how a horoscope can be a map to treasures within you, my horoscopic map shows talent for writing, especially poetry, buried within me. At the time of my birth, the moon was at almost exactly a 60 degree aspect with Mercury, while Venus was between the two also nearly exactly at 30 degree aspects to both. This type of configuration, according to the traditions, often indicates literary talent, especially when comprised of these three. Also, this train of planets, moon to Venus to Mercury in clockwise order, has a caboose added, Neptune, linked to the train by a vigintile aspect to Mercury. "Vigintile" comes from the Latin for twenty, that is, one twentieth of a full circle, which is 18 degrees. This aspect belongs to the family of aspects of degrees: 18, 36, 72, 108, 144. All these have in common that can be matched with the degrees of angles in the pentagram. So when you have one of these aspects of any of these degrees prominent in your natal chart, you can think of it as having a five-pointed, mystical star hidden there, if you take the time to use that one bit of information to draw the whole figure in! All of these aspects are signs helpful in identifying hidden talents. The vigintile, according to tradition, can reflect self-refinement by using experience. The fact that this aspect is between Neptune (poetry) and Mercury (communication) suggests poetic expression. This addition narrows down the indication of literary ability to potential for poetic-type writing.

Yes, I have discovered a talent for writing poetry! It did start out being hidden! Neither of my parents had poetic talent. My father found the study of poetry mandated in school to be aversive. With no apparent talent on their parts, and even some antipathy, one would not expect encouragement for the art, and there was not. When I first started writing it, I kept it secret because I felt uncomfortable about it with my father. Even the lack of cheerleading on their part is hinted at in my horoscope. The moon, the sun, and all the planets were below the horizon at my birth, except for Uranus, but that was just barely having risen. This suggests to me by analogy that there was not a jumping up for joy in my childhood over the nature of the person I came into the world as. In terms of gifts from Providence, this can be taken as being like words of encouragement: "Do not get discouraged over lack of encouragement at first!"


Hopefully this will give you ideas about how you also can kindly put Earth at the heart of your chart, and use your horoscope as a blessed map for finding your hidden talents. Please do note that the symbolism of astrology is quite individualistic! You might have noticed that, when you look up the meaning of, say, a particular planet, there are many associations listed, if you are using a sound source. That is only the tip of the iceberg! This tells you that there are many possible interpretations for the astrological symbols, and you must be the true expert in deciding which meaning speaks to you. I prefer to think of astrological counsellors as facilitators to help you follow your own map tailored to the one-of-a-kind person you are. For instance, in my case, the planets under the horizon in my chart usually are interpreted to mean an introverted, shy, homebody personality, but I gave you a different reading based on what I know about my own background. You must use the same originality.

 Above all, remember that after identifying where your hidden gifts are, you must do the work of excavating them! I know now that I have a gift for poetry, but to this day I am engaged in ceaseless work with my pen to bring it all to light.