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Twelve Ways to Prosperity

By Radko Vacek

There are twelve ways to prosperity from now to 2012!

The heavens are buzzing with astrological events this July! The events are part of an ongoing story that started in June. On the 5th of June, Jupiter entered Taurus. This puts the spotlight on coming up with ideas for using money and material resources to their maximum benefit. Much depends now on whether or not you can make the most out of the opportunities, and whether or not at this time you choose to do so. Most important of all, you can't originate those new, moneymaking ideas if you don't make the effort to think!

With Jupiter being the planet of optimism, you might be tempted to forge ahead with your ideas now. The picture is complicated into the first week of July, however, by a series of three eclipses. Eclipses tend to mark good times for starting new things, but the precaution is recommended by some experts in electional astrology, that usually you should not make major decisions within a week before nor after an eclipse. With a lunar eclipse on June 1, a solar eclipse on June 15, and another lunar one on July 1, that would make June and the first week of July mostly a time of anticipating the actions to be taken towards the middle of July. For most of you, this is advisable. Some of you might well be exceptions, as I will explain later in this article. None of us want to wait too long in using the chance to make beneficial reforms in our lives, for around the middle of July, Uranus could radically shake up the order of those who resist change too much.

The house that Jupiter is transiting can help you make the most out of the financial opportunities now. What are the houses we astrologers talk about? They are like the signs, in dividing the horoscope into twelve parts, but unlike the signs, in not necessarily being of equal size. We wouldn't complicate the picture unless we had good reason! Some facts in your horoscope wouldn't have much personal meaning without being put in context of the houses. For instance, I was born when Pluto was in Leo. But my whole generation was born with Pluto there! When we study our horoscopes, we want to find out facts meaningful to us personally. The time you were born on your birthday, and where, make all the difference in personalizing your horoscope, because any planet, at the very longest, stays in a house about two hours, and the aspects it makes to other planets, the horizon, and the zenith can change by the minute.

A very important consideration is which location to use more, where you were born or where you have been living since. Some of the most competent astrologers emphasize the possible change in the house context of a horoscope when a person moves. That is, when someone moves, a new horoscope is recommended using the person's birth time, but showing how the "wheel" of the zodiac was oriented to the horizon at the new location at that same time of birth. Not that the original horoscope is invalid, but its meaning might be modified, so it is recommended that both be taken into account.

Although I was born in Rio, Brazil, I have lived nearly all my life in Toledo, Ohio, USA. I find that substituting Rio with Toledo in setting up my natal horoscope gives a more accurate description of me. If you have lived a big part of your life somewhere other than your place of birth, try substituting the newer place to see if you get a better portrait of yourself.

Here are some guidelines on how Jupiter entering Taurus might be relevant to you personally, in the context of your personal houses:

If Jupiter is transiting your first house, you will tend to be optimistic and self-confident for about the next year, which in turn will inspire others to have confidence in you. You might want to harness this optimism to pursue advancing your education. With Jupiter in Taurus, the coming year promises to be a good time to give in to this desire, in that you have a good chance of getting that better paid job afterwards.

With Jupiter in your second house, you also might benefit from education, as well as travel. Asking for raises and loans might well be great. Studying upcoming public buying behaviors might be a source of great ideas for starting a business, or giving an old business a new direction.

In your third house, Jupiter in Taurus suggests that you could profit from sharing your new ideas with many people, and if you write, getting your ideas published this year.

The combination of Jupiter transiting Taurus and your fourth house suggests that your new ideas about real estate, farming, building, and domestic products and services could help your finances. The coming year might well be a profitable time to move, even to a distant place.

A fifth house crossing by Jupiter during the next year indicates that you have a good chance of profiting financially and overall from socializing through religious, educational, and cultural organizations. Share those new ideas there, as well as in your art studio, or on stage as a performer of some kind! Have you been thinking about any new ideas for opening a child care center? I see perhaps a new child care center or a school with religious art on the walls, maybe affiliated with a church? Also, I see such a new facility decorated in some way with international appeal, perhaps for international students? Have you had new images like these come to you? You're not just seeing things! These might well be fine, new ideas. Use them!

If Jupiter is transiting your sixth house, you might have bright, new ideas about how to use money to help you get employment with better conditions and beneficial associations with coworkers. This work might involve health care, or you might get good ideas how to invest in your health.

With Jupiter transiting your seventh house, you might have sound, new ideas on how to invest material resources in the pursuit of marital and partnership opportunities. You might have insights now on how to use money to enhance your relations with the public.

Your eighth house transited by Jupiter might well mean a fine time in the coming year to pursue your latest ideas on investing your material resources in joint finances, insurance, and corporate business. This might involve foreign commerce, travel for business, and real estate.

In your ninth, Jupiter is in its house of rulership. Jupiter is best characterized by ruling matters of faith. The coming year might be a good time to invest in speculative ventures, because you have the strong faith that so often makes taking chances worthwhile, and even if it doesn't turn out right, you have the faith to accept that life goes on.

With Jupiter transiting your tenth house, you have the chance to cash in on your new ideas through travel for business, and seeking the help of those in authority, in terms of advice and perhaps support.

Jupiter transiting your eleventh signals a year when you will be wise to invest material resources in activities which will generate a network of influential friends.

If Jupiter is transiting your twelfth house, find ways of using your new ideas in associations with cultural institutions, such as hospitals and churches. To come up with those ideas, you might benefit from introspection and meditation. You might benefit from channeling material resources into working with those in need.

So, with Jupiter entering Taurus promising the beneficial use of material resources, we are like race horses raring to go. Who doesn't want to use money? But those three eclipses caution us not to jump the gun. If you happen to have Jupiter transiting your ninth house, however, faith might well give you that magical edge to go ahead.

As for the rest of us, without Jupiter in our ninth, it still has entered Taurus for the coming year. After the first week of July, go for it! Uranus is going retrograde after July 10. It is a rerun of last year, when Uranus was retrograde from July to December. It might have been a time for some of you of quite some shake ups. Uranus is associated with fast and intense change, occasionally revolutions, and when it turns retrograde, it acquires the autonomy of not being kept in line by external forces. For those of us who compulsively value order, the forces associated with retrograde Uranus can become dangerously disruptive. To avoid this, it is better to reform our ways of life around the start of July than to risk revolution.

The twelve year cycle of Jupiter, the twelve houses, let the lessons of twelve guide you into 2012!


Radko Vacek

July 2012