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Relationship Comparison
Prince William and Kate Middleton
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

After what may have been the longest courtship of a member of the royal family, the media shy couple announced to the world last November that they were engaged to be married this April.

The pair first met in 2001 when they both began attending the University of St Andrews in Scotland, sharing a flat with fellow students. What started as a firm friendship slowly blossomed into a relationship and by 2003 the two were inseparable.

As Prince William is the second in line to the throne, the media scrutinized the couple’s every move – especially given the fact that Kate comes from a middle class background. They split briefly in 2007 – perhaps with the pressure of public expectation, but soon reunited stronger than ever.

The People's Prince

Prince William’s birth brought world wide attention as the first heir of the next in line, the Prince of Wales and his popular young wife Diana. But there was even more attention in the astrological world as the significance of a future king being born on an eclipse is incredibly symbolic, not to mention eerily fated.

His birth took place on the Summer Solstice, when just hours earlier an eclipse had occurred. As eclipses occur in series of the Saros Cycle, this particular eclipse belongs to the 2 Old North cycle in which Bernadette Brady suggests the theme of this eclipse is “action concerning personal relationships”. [1]

Indeed, with the Sun/Moon conjunct in Cancer conjunct the Descendant, he is certainly well known for his close knit personal relationships, particularly with his family. However, he has also remained closely guarded about these relationships, particularly with Kate as the pair had shunned the media until their first public interview announcing their engagement.

Although his Cancerian Sun/Moon conjunction is likely to make him quite a private person by nature, his public persona is coloured by his bold Sagittarius Ascendant making him come across as dashing, enthusiastic about life and of course, an intrepid sense of adventure. His taste for international travel came at a young age accompanying his parents on official state visits around the world, also spending his gap year in several developing countries.

Although Jupiter, his chart ruler is found in the 9th house, it is closely conjunct the Midheaven in Scorpio which gives him gravitas and a highly distinguished status. There is a common thread here with his contrasting Ascendant and Sun/Moon placement in that he is a very private person in a very public position. Being born into such a prominent role, he tends to be moral and ethical in his public demeanour and following his mother’s footsteps (she was also Sagittarius rising/Cancer Sun) he is the Patron of many charities. Additionally, Neptune is conjunct his Ascendant, so the philanthropic work he does comes from the heart and will likely be a lifelong passion.

William seems to have a strong call of duty; with both Saturn and Mars in Libra also placed in the 9th house this is his vocational calling. The career path he has chosen in the services gives him a sense of doing his part and of having a moral role – not only as a king in the making, but as the future head of the Church of England (a very theosophical position for Jupiter in its own house). While this placement is quite powerful, Mars squares the Moon and (widely) Sun in sensitive Cancer which could likely put a strain on his closest personal relationships further emphasised by the 7th house placement. On a broader level, this inner tension could be the motivating factor preparing him to be the defender of the realms he is in line to inherit.

Waity Katie

This engagement has been so long in the coming that she has even been dubbed “Waity Katie” but as any steadfast Capricorn Sun knows, good things come to those who wait. Although getting married to a Prince may have fairy tale connotations, she is likely to be grounded and quite mature about having one of the most famous families for her soon to be in-laws.

At the time of writing, Kate’s birth time is still unknown therefore the position of her Ascendant and degree of her Moon cannot be calculated. However, her Moon is found in Cancer which would give her an instinctual need for close family bonds and emotional stability. With the Sun and Moon in opposing signs, internal fluctuations between her outer personality and her innermost emotions are probably an on-going dilemma. She is likely to take criticism to heart – especially when unfavourable things are written about her in the press. It’s also interesting to point out that there was also an eclipse, on the day Kate was born.

Her Venus is in Aquarius makes her able to connect with all walks of life and gives her a quirky edge and as a potential Queen Consort, she portrays the image of the modern British woman – quintessentially fashionable. Mars makes a trine in Libra giving her a charming likeability factor making her appreciated by both men and women alike. Incidentally, this Venus/Mars trine makes interesting aspects with the UK’s 1801 chart – although that is something else to ponder.

Welcome to The Establishment

Looking at the synastry for this good-looking couple shows that opposites attract. Prince William is a sensitive yet resilient Cancerian which makes an opposition to Kate’s sensible Sun in Capricorn. With the Cancer/Capricorn axis, there is great emphasis on families and parents as well as stability and status all of which have been major themes throughout their relationship.

On an emotional level, they both have Cancerian Moons so there will be a mutual need for loyalty and trust within the relationship as well as a common need to nurture and be nurtured. Most men with the Moon in Cancer have a strong connection with their mother so it must have been deeply sentimental and moving for William to propose to Kate with his mother’s engagement ring.

As William’s Sun is the same sign as Kate’s Moon, there will be an innate understanding of one another and he is known to be very protective, in particular trying to shield her from the glare of the paparazzi. But equally, she will be an oasis of normality for him with the pressures of his work and royal protocol.

This all bodes well for a stable and committed relationship although there is an indication of a karmic union as William’s South Node is conjunct Kate’s Sun encouraging her individuality and giving her guidance, which is vital considering their contrasting backgrounds. Depending on Kate’s birth time, William’s North Node is potentially conjunct her Moon, although this is speculative.

On a romantic level, there was likely to be a strong physical attraction from their first meeting as William’s Mars makes a tight trine to Kate’s Venus giving a strong indication of a passionate connection.

Both Kate and Will’s Mercury’s are well aspected so communications are likely to be free flowing and an easy going way of interacting with one another. In their televised interview Kate stated that her naughty sense of humour complimented William’s dead pan humour so there are likely to be lots of laughs.

While their synastry may be favourable, their composite chart paints a different picture altogether (the angles and house placements won’t be taken into consideration as Kate’s time is unknown). With the composite Sun/Mercury and Venus in Aries their relationship is likely to be fast paced, high energy and spontaneous, but under pressure there could be the potential to burn out easily so perhaps its beneficial that they two of them spend prolonged periods apart to recharge and reflect. With this stellium, they are likely to be able to take this relationship “head on” and talk bluntly about the various constraints that may exist.

Composite Cancer Moon indicates that when they are alone, they can create a comfortable emotional safe haven for one another. Although there may be a deep committed bond, the Aries Sun may sometimes bring up issues of stability due to its independent nature. Composite Mars is in opposition to the Sun which could make tempers flare up quickly, sometimes bringing different levels of intention and direction into the relationship. However, Mars is in Libra which is better than most sign at compromise. In the long run the desire and passion of this pair run deep and they may be ambitious enough to make it work against all odds.

The Royal Wedding

When William said about his proposal that it was “all about the timing” and he really hit the nail on the head! It’s no coincidence that after dating for nearly seven years (a Saturn square) that he finally went ahead with a romantic proposal – right around the time of his Saturn Return.

The wedding, watched by hundreds of millions worldwide was set for Westminster at 11.00am on April 29th 2011. Relationship planet Venus was exactly conjunct their composite Sun/Mercury/Venus stellium in Aries with transiting Uranus and Mercury nearby. The Midheaven for the time of the wedding (angle of recognition) was also in Aries conjunt this stellium and fittingly the Ascendant was in regal Leo – the sign ruling royalty.

In a true Arian trailblazing way, the couple have are putting their own distinct stamp on their impending marriage as they are both taking the matter into their own hands, taking a more modern stance on a traditional affair.

Theirs seems a union likely to stand the test of time and I for one hope this marriage proves to be will be the stuff fairy tales are made of.

Written by Juliette Genik

©Stargazers Astrology


[1] Bernadette Brady – Predictive Astrology page 309